A biker wedding!

I decided I absolutely have to write about a fabulous wedding we went to this past summer on the outskirts of Chicago.  I have to write about it mainly because we’re highly unlikely to attend such a wedding again!

Have you ever been to a biker’s wedding? No? Me neither.  Not until July 1st, 2017, that is.

My model-look-alike with a  heart of gold cousin, Joanna (Asia), married her love, Linas. A bold-headed, wide shouldered, leather wearing biker, with the kindest eyes and nicest smile you can imagine.  These two just melt my heart!

So, yup, I have bikers in the family.  The cool people!  Man, they look GOOD on that bike!

Anywho….Joanna and Linas pulled off the most fantastic event ever, and despite scorching hot temperatures, we had a truly A-MA-ZING time.  For me, an experience of a lifetime:)

The wedding ceremony took place in the great outdoors, surrounded by trees and water. Talk about beautiful scenery.  Guest seats were … hay.  Original!


The bride wore a beautiful white dress and held red flowers. All women wore red (all guests! everyone!).  The groom wore black and white with a white tie and a red boutonnière.  All men guests were asked to wear red ties and red shoes.  It was a sight to see!

Asia 2

As the groom kissed his bride, the sound of bikes roaring filled the air to no end. I mean, how awesome is that!  I seriously had goose bumps!!

They all jumped on their bikes and took off to take their pictures and videos, only to later reappear at the outdoor venue to let the party begin!

Asia 4

And was it ever a party!

Surrounded by white paper lanters, outdoor chandeliers, bubbles, live music, awesome food, and eternity of champagne, we danced the night away till …, well, till we could no longer dance!  We all ended up barefoot at the end of the night and it felt good!

Let me tell you, I have a huge grin on my face just thinking about this wedding.

If you don’t have bikers in your family, you might consider crashing a wedding (or marrying a biker?).  Might be worth it! 😉



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