RED alert!

Hey!  Don’t you just love wearing red? Doesn’t it make you feel like you’re ready to conquer?  I know it sure makes me feel awfully gooooood;)

20171002_103959 (1).jpg

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look bad in red.  Seriously.  You just can’t look bad in red!  Nope!  I’ve heard some of my girlfriends say ‘oh, I just can’t wear that colour….it doesn’t look good on me’.  Well, you can’t say that about red.  It’s just one of those colours that makes us all look just a bit better.  Fierce, bold, powerful.

Myself, I absolutely adore red accessories.  Grab a red purse, a necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring or just a red belt (or even a red wallet), and off you go!

20170924_103631Or how about just red nails and red lipstick?  Wouldn’t that make your day SO much better?  It does wonders for me;)


Roll out the red carpet ’cause here come the RED pumps! Why not!


Don’t forget your red glasses, girls!


And who says who can’t look cute taking your kids to a soccer game?  Sure you can!  Sporty bag, sporty shoes, a hat and a cool phone case, and there you are!  You’re a hip mom:)



I love red on my handsome men, too.  The splash of the vibrant colour makes such a difference.  It really does!



How about you?  Are you wearing red today?

If not – make tomorrow your red day and be your own biggest fan!


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