THE skirt!

Okay girls, this one is for all of you who have stopped me on the street to admire this little skirt.  I admit, I adore it too!


There’s just something about the princess like feeling I get when I wear it.  And some of that Audrey Hepburn style.  And Sex in the City.  I guess it’s a mixture! LOL.  All I know is that I LOVE it.  And I get so many sweet comments wherever I go!

And, really, I don’t even need a special occasion to wear it. Seriously, why can’t you dress up everyday?  Coffee with a girlfriend? Yes!  Dinner out? Yes!  Office party? Sure!  A walk in the park?  Oh, why not!!!  And this is the skirt everyone can wear!  Whatever shape or size!  Isn’t that great?!


Your style can be as versatile as you want it to be.

I find that at a certain age you start to understand your own flair and what works for you. For me, that was 30, for you, it might be 20, or 40!  Or maybe you were just born perfectly styled, in which case – lucky you!:)

Anyhow, my little skirt is my go to for any occasion or no occasion at all.  If I need a cute, colourful day – there she is!

I style it with a nice heal, but again, it’s SO versatile. You can wear a flat or a wedge and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Add a cute bag and some fun jewelry and off you go diva!



Isn’t life just better when you wear something you love?!  What is your favourite piece? Do share!

And please, if you are in the Hamilton, Ontario area – do yourself a favour and stop by MeBoutique on King Street (Jackson Square).  You’ll fall in love!


2 thoughts on “THE skirt!

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