What’s the beef with tatar?

Let’s talk about TATAR (or tartar if you prefer)!

I’ll admit, I can’t understand the act of consuming raw meat, but tatar is one of those side dishes that has been ingrained in the Polish kitchen for many years!  In fact, I remember my mom’s tatar receiving rave reviews from friends and family when I was young.  Mind you, they never fed us, kids, this delicacy.  Thank you!

So what exactly is tatar?


The tatar I know is made of lean ground beef of high quality, mixed with well cut onion, parsley, pickles, capers and raw egg yolk.  Yup.  It’s raw!  Yup.  People enjoy it!

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my Polish heritage and believe me, the Polish kitchen leaves nothing to desire – it’s YUMMY!  But tatar – I will not have! Raw fish? Sure. Raw meat?  Not so much.  Sorry, just no.

Apparently, the recipe for tatar is centuries old, and it’s not strictly a Polish thing.  Many European countries enjoy it in a variety of different ways.


In any event, it looks like tatar is becoming a part of my hubby’s life and it’s here to stay, for now at least.  So to those who love it, I say ‘bon appétit!’ and to you I ask: what do you think?

What IS the beef with tatar?  Have you tried it? Do you love it?  Do you hate it? Would you try it? I want to know!  Do share:)



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