Be grateful

As I sit here in my comfy reading socks, sipping a glass of my favourite wine and writing my little blog, I realize….I have nothing, NOTHING! to complain about at this very moment.


It’s Thanksgiving and I am truly grateful.  Despite all the bad in this world which we see and hear about each day, there is still SO much good….

I see it in my kids’ smiles as they pick out their pumpkins; in my mom’s tired hands preparing our Thanksgiving meal;  in my grandmother’s wrinkly and yet beautiful smile as she’s enjoying my chocolate covered strawberries; in my dad’s blue eyes that tear up every time my kids say something sweet to him; and in Karl as he gets silly with our boys after supper…… I see the goodness in the little things in life.


I recently started reading the series of books entitiled ‘The Secret’.  It’s a true life changer for me.  The author, Rhonda Byrne,  speaks to gratitute as the biggest power one has on this earth.

We have the power to do anything, be anything, have anything, but we have to be truly THANKFUL for what we already have and for anything we want now or in the future.  I know it can sound silly to some, but I am a believer.

You can look for the book on Amazon: The Secret. The entire series includes several titles  and you can also see the film: The Secret DVD


So as we are enjoying our beautiful meals this weekend, let’s be grateful for every single little moment, little smile, little thing.  Be grateful.  Life is too short not to be.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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