Eyelash extensions, another wedding and flying solo

I will be flying solo for the next few days.

I’m leaving my guys and flying to Poland for a weekend!  My cousin, Magda, is getting married:)  Magda, Asia (see A biker wedding!) and I, were best cousin friends when we were growing up.  Since then, life has thrown us to live in 3 different countries – Canada, U.S. and England, but the three musketeers are getting back together to celebrate this special day in Cracow,  Poland.  Exciting!


I won’t lie… I’m having a serious case of separation anxiety from my kids. I’ve been away from Dominick a few times, so I know he will do well.  But my little Daniel has never been away from me!  I will miss my boys SO very much.  If you’re a mom, I’m sure you’re nodding your head.  But at the same time, you’re probably saying “you’ll be fine, it’s good for you to be away for a bit!  Charge your batteries!”  And I know it’s good.  I know.  They will be fine and so will I!

So off I go:)

I have my outfits and accessories picked out,  hair and nails done and my eyelash extensions on!  I won’t have to worry about running mascara… I always cry at weddings!

The beautiful Barbara Paglia-Reid is my eyelash angel!  And a woman of all talents!  From eyelash extensions and reiki, to homemade organic soaps, balms and sunscreen to gemstone jewerly (I’m wearing my bracelets for the trip!), this lady does it all!


You can contact Barb at beautyunlimited@gmail.com or 905-304-2566.  You can also visit her website at beautyunlimited.ca for more info.

Please consider Barb when you start your Christmas shopping!  I absolutely love supporting women doing amazing things.  And all within my own community.  It’s fantastic!  WOMEN ARE FANTASTIC!

Anyhow…. I  am looking forward to a great trip, and most importantly, to reconnecting with my family.   Can’t wait to see my beautiful Magda on  her wedding day.  I feel so blessed.

Books I will be reading on the flight:

‘Hero’ by Rhonda Byrne.  This is another one from ‘The Secret’ series.  Can’t wait to read this one.   Look for it on Amazon:  Hero.

Love this quote from the cover: “Be the hero you are meant to be”.

‘The Reason You Walk’ by Wab Kinew.  An inspiring memoir told by a fascinating First Nations broadcaster, musician and activist.  May be a bit uneasy read for some, as it relates to residential schools.  But it’s a story of hope, forgiveness and reconciliation and I look forward to this one.  You can get it here:  The Reason You Walk.

I’m sure I will have much to share in future posts!

Au revoir!





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