A Polish-Spanish Wedding…Viva!

Last weekend, the most elegant, exciting and romantic event took place in Cracow, Poland…my beautiful cousin Magda married her handsome Spaniard, Salva.  I was SO blessed to be there to witness this extraordinary occasion!

A Polish-Spanish wedding.  WHAT A DAY!

First things first – the dress!  A fully covered front, beautifully open back, a sweet backdrop necklace, and a LONG vail!  Wait, I need to catch my breath!  Oh my!  The bride looked absolutely GORGEOUS.


The church ceremony was held at the Corpus Christi Basilica – an over 600 year old church and an absolute must see if you ever tour Cracow.  The ceremony itself was conducted in both English and Spanish – BIG kudos to the priest!  Very different from our Western weddings – no ‘you may kiss the bride’ moment – I actually liked it that way.  It was sweet, romantic and loving.  Also, no wedding party.  The bride’s brother and the groom’s beautiful sister stood up for the happy couple.  Simple and elegant.  Loved it!


Post ceremony – again, very different from our Western weddings –  no waiting for the wedding couple!  Woohoo!  They booked their pictures for another day, so we could let the party begin!

A fantastic venue, ever-so-sweet decor, delicious food and ….. a lot of shouting! Yup!  Or at least the Spanish side shouted and we kinda tried to do our Polish bit.  The Spaniards are waaaaaay better – hats off to them!  So every now and then, someone would yell Viva España’, to which they ALL responded VIVA!’.

  • ‘Viva Polonia!!
  • ‘VIVA!’
  • Viva los novios!
  • ‘VIVA!’

Needless to say, the energy and atmposhere were absolutely FANTASTIC!

And so we celebrated till early hours of the morning (our Spanish friends beat us at that too).  It was the most loving, sweet, simple but elegant event!  How blessed I am to have been there!  SO grateful!


Wishing the happy couple love to last a lifetime!



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