Can YOU climb the CN Tower?

It’s 1,776 steps to the top of our region’s most famous landmark.  Yup, 1776!

My 10 year old son, Dominick, and I will be climbing all the way up on November 5th!


This will be the 3rd time for me, but 1st time for Dom!!!  EXCITING!

The CN Tower stairway opens to the public only twice a year – for charitable climbs.  Dominick and I will be climbing to support local charities in the good work they do! Really, it’s the least we can do.  We’re blessed to live the life we live.  And VERY grateful!

Sooo, could you do it?   Could you climb the CN Tower?  Or maybe you have done it in the past?  Do share!

I hear it takes the average person about 30 minutes to climb.  My timing in the past was in the mid 20’s.  So I guess I’m about average;)  BUT, there are people who can do it in 12 minutes!  Yes, 12!  AND, check out this guy…….Walter Decker, from my city of Hamilton!  The  oldest person to climb the CN Tower!!

Walter Decker – climbs to the top (CHCH news)

Walter Decker – CN Tower for charity – Hamilton Spectator

So how do you prepare to climb the Tower???  You obviously have to train. The stairs become your best friends for a while;)  I have calculated that if I can do 8 sets of climbing to the 10th floor and back, I’m in good shape. But, I admit, I have not trained enough this year, so I’m a bit nervous.

Dominick and I have trained at the local outdoor stairs (Kenilworth stairs in Hamilton!) and we are doing well (he’s a LOT better than I am!!).

If you’re up for the challenge,  join us!  You can sign up here: Register for CN Tower Climb 2017

If not, just cross your fingers for us!! We’ll need your positive energy on November 5th!

“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.”  ~ Muhammad (570-632 CE)



2 thoughts on “Can YOU climb the CN Tower?

  1. Thank you for your get article on my Down To Earth Products

    The wedding looked amazing

    Good luck to you and Dominic I know you both will do amazing

    I love your blog


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