Trick or Treat!

Growing up, I never had a chance to experience Halloween. Boohoo:(

Actually, it wasn’t that bad. You don’t know what you’re missing, if you don’t know it even exists;)

But let me tell you how shocked I was when I came to Canada and found out that you can dress in a costume, go door to door and get free treats.  OH-MY-GOSH! Shocked!  I didn’t really trick-or-treat much, as I was already a teenager, but nevertheless, it was super exciting!


Needless to say, when I became a mom, I REALLY started enjoying Halloween. Looking for the cutest Halloween costumes, getting all the little treats ready, handing out candy, decorating, carving out pumpkins, checking out the decorations….  Fun, right?  Best part – my kids’ happy faces, of course!  I’m so grateful to see how excited they are, all dressed up and ready to go.

Our neighbours started an annual Halloween party tradition before Halloween, so the kids get to take their costumes out for a spin before the big night.  Oh my, the joy!!  And, yey, the adults get to have some fun and dress up too!

This year, I have a police officer and James Bond protecting me.  With these guys around, this mama cat is super safe;)


And, it wouldn’t be Halloween without making my fruit bouquet! Orange & black theme, of course;)


Last but not least, check out my cousin Joanna and her husband Linas ….they win my vote for the best looking vampires!   I love Halloween!!!


Happy trick or treating everyone!  Be safe!




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