Do you wear glasses? Read this!

I LOVE wearing glasses.  I don’t know if it’s just the way they make my nose look so much better (aka:  hide the nose bump, LOL), or if they make my eyes stand out, but I adore them!  It doesn’t hurt looking all smart and fancy, does it?


I was talking to my friend Marg recently and to my surprise she said ‘oh, my glasses are no longer in style. The new style is…’.   This came as a surprise because she always has the boldest, coolest glasses on.

So this made me think: am I running after the trendy glasses, or am I satisfied with the ones that look good on moi?  And, are glasses a trend?  Am I going to be sad when the trend fades away and I’m stuck wearing glasses?  Nah!  What’s a trend anyways – I can make my own trend! 😉

Marg, as I,  isn’t chasing anybody else’s style – she’s got enough of her own!


Now, kids wearing glasses, in my opinion, is the coolest thing ever.  Aren’t they just awesome?

If you wore glasses when you were young, you might have heard names like ‘four eyes’ or ‘nerd’.  Not sure this goes on nowadays ’cause everywhere I go I see these fashionable, eyeglasses wearing little ones looking cooler than cool.  Plus, being a nerd rocks, so there!


I think eyeglasses are one of the best accessories  anybody can own.  You can match them with your outfit, your make-up, your shoes, or just with your mood!  How fun is that!

And really, I don’t know a person that cannot pull off wearing glasses. Seriously.  I can’t. Any shape of face, hair colour, hair length, eyes and nose will look great with a pair of eyeglasses!


Does the man in your life wear eyeglasses? While they might not want to admit it, it’s an awesome accessory for them too!  My favourite eyeglasses-wearing guy of all time – Sammy Davis Jr.   He made eyeglasses look good!

My friend’s hubby was brave enough to pose for my blog – kudos to Rick and a BIG thank you;)  Actually, a HUGE thank you to all my beautiful models!  Thank you for being such a sport!!


As much as my budget would permit, I’d love a whole collection of glasses to switch between every day.  Not that I even need to wear them everyday, but I REALLY wanna!

How about you?  Share your love of glasses!  Do you have a favourite pair or a whole collection?



6 thoughts on “Do you wear glasses? Read this!

  1. Aga, very interesting topic! When I was in grade four which made me 10 years old I got my first pair of glasses 👓 and was called four eyes 🤓.
    I was shy and hated being centered out so I took them to school in their case but didn’t actually wear glasses until grade 8. I remember my Dad commenting on the cost $32.00, allot of money then. When I could afford them I bought contacts and wore them for close to 30 years. Now I wear glasses and like you, enjoy them but always look forward to getting new frames. My last pair of glasses cost $735.00 quite different from 58 years ago! Now I have given my age away! 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

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  2. As one of the “models” let my add two cents to the conversation about glasses. Glasses are definitely my identity and I would not be able to live without them. It is my face so both glasses and hairdo are very important. I have a collection of glasses because as soon as I have a new prescription, I buy a new pair at a good optometrist shop and take the old one only to replace the lenses in the cheaper shop, like Hakim. It is not perfect because the lenses are critical and I definitely notice a difference between the cheap and expensive lense: more difficult to clean, easy to scratch, and so on but it is an option if you want to have a few pairs of glasses.
    However, what I would like to mention is the fact that MANY people in Ontario can not afford the glasses, let alone the trendy ones. Glasses are awfully expensive and became a symbol of the individual’s status: the better they look, the more money one has to spend on them. Our health care system does not cover neither the eye exam nor the glasses. Should we be aware of what is someone’s income level by just looking at her/his face? One may say that these days people can get good looking glasses at a lower price. That is true but the quality of those is poor and the necessity to replace them sooner adds to your expenses. The universal health care should definitely cover the cost of eye exam and provide at least some subsidy for glasses for children, youth and seniors. This is what we should be advocating for.


  3. Thank you, Marg, for raising this very important issue. I agree, the affordability of glasses and eye exams is a major concern. I wore my first pair of glasses for a period of 10 years before buying a new one! And these were NOT trendy. This is why I’m VERY grateful for everything in my life right now and teach my children to be just that.
    Thanks for your comment!


  4. Great topic Aga and love ❤️ your models…two in particular, who I personally know and have seen them sporting awesome specs. Since I am presently residing in China, my mind boggles at the types, styles and yes affordability of glasses 👓. They are extremely affordable, since most glasses outlets are high rise buildings, crammed with glasses vendors…eye exams on the spot and glasses ready with prescription within the hour! I have girlfriends who can wear a different pair of glasses every day of the month! Now I am not promising quality, with these low priced copycats, but I do have a collection of designer 😉 frames to include Armani, Michael Kors, Vogue, Tory Burch to name a few to pair up with my designer 😉 bags. With frames and prescription for around $30 Cdn…China is a glasses lovers paradise!

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    • Oh Ann! It sounds like you are in glasses heaven! 🙂 And bags too! Oh my! You may need to write a guest post for us so we can all live vicariously through you! That is so fantastic! And affordable, which is important! Thanks SO much for sharing!! ❤❤


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