Got kids? Let’s talk sibling love!

Aww, yes, sibling love…..isn’t it just awesome?!


It’s around 7pm and it’s the one night during the school week we don’t have to rush out to some kind of an activity.

Soooo, right after supper, I get the boys in the bath and in their pj’s. I run downstairs to get something, and when I get back, I hear quiet voices in Daniel’s room.

I sneak up to his door only to see the most beautiful sight ever: my boys are sitting together on Daniel’s bed, all snuggled up, reading a story.  Dom turns to Daniel and says ‘I love you Daniel’.

‘Love you too, brother’ the little guy responds. He calls him ‘brother’ most of the time.  It’s pretty cute.

I wish I could stop time, record this beautiful moment and hug, hug, hug my boys!

20170924_091534 (1).jpg

Instead, I tiptoe away quietly and let them enjoy their quiet time (while I enjoy two minutes to myself;)

About five minutes pass and don’t I hear:

  • ‘Daniel, I’m telling mommy, stop pinching!!’
  • ‘I’m not pinching, you’re pinching! Stop brother!’
  • ‘Stop! I’m telling!  Mommmyyyy!!
  • ‘Mommy, he’s hitting!’
  • ‘Mommy, he broke my …………(fill in the blanks)’

And tears, yelling, running, sound of someone falling, more tears….

What happened? Brotherly love for ya!

The moment of peace is DEFINITELY gone!

20170522_191709 (1).jpg

How can these boys be SO sweet and loving at one moment, and yet such little rascals the next?

Dominick, being the older one and being an only child for 7 years, has always been super gentle and sensitive. He has the heart of gold and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Daniel, born into having an older brother, fights for his place in this family.  He can be the sweetest little angel, but he’s definitely my feisty one. YES HE IS!  Now that he’s 3, he can tumble with the best of them and we seriously have to tell Dominick to fight back.

Dom is learning to stand ground and not let the little man walk all over him.

As a mommy, I just want them to love each other. Sounds great in theory, but it really isn’t that easy in practice.

So I let them be boys and do their thing….as long as I see them make up at the end of it all.

And they do. All by themselves!

  • ‘Sorry I broke your ……….., brother’, the 3 year old little guy says.
  • ‘It’s okay, Daniel. Sorry for pushing you’, Dom replies.
  • ‘Love you’
  • ‘Love you, too’.

Awww, yes, loving brothers again!! Success!  For a few minutes at least:)


One day, I hope, I can tell them these stories and we will laugh about it. For now, I do what I can to keep my sanity;)

When they’re grown, I’m sure I will miss these times!

Got kids? How do you manage the sibling love?







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