What to LOVE about WINTER!

Hi all!  Winter will be here next week!  I don’t know about your part of the world, but winter is already in full swing in Hamilton, Ontario!  We are covered in snow!

Hamilton Ontario.jpg

Now, let’s face it,  many of us don’t want to deal with the cold temperatures, snow, slush and full darkness at 5pm… You need to read this Open Letter to Chicago Winter – this one made me chuckle in its total honesty;)

Despite it all – I decided to look at the positive side of things, and have prepared a little list of  things I LOVE about winter!

What I love about winter…

  • Looking out the window with my boys and watching their happy faces as they cheerfully yell “snow, snow!”.  Yup, seeing the world through their eyes sure helps!
  • Dominick’s birthday!  He was born in the biggest snowstorm of 2007.  Needless to say, he loves all things winter!  And that makes me love winter too:)
  • The feeling of knowing it’s freezing outside while I’m cozy and comfy in my warm bed:)  The best!

Winter Teae

  • Friday night movie and pizza night in front of the the fireplace!  And lots of snuggles.  LOVE!
  • My mom’s rosół – Polish chicken noodle soup.  Absolutely nothing better on a cold day!


  • Christmas lights, twinkles and Christmas trees everywhere!  I love taking the boys to see the Festival of Lights in our area (including the beautiful Niagara Falls lights!)
  • Decorating the house, listening to Christmas carols, sending and receiving Christmas cards….generally preparing for the beautiful season.  So special!
  •  Skating!
  • Sledding down a hill!
  • Baking cookies!  Mmmm…
  • Going to see shows, plays and concerts!


  • Warm socks….better yet – reading socks (see Christmas shopping ideas!) and a good book on a cold day!!  Life can be SO simple and beautiful;)
  • Winter hats!  The cutest:)

Winter hats.jpg

What’s on your list?  I’m sure you can add SO many things!  Do share!


8 thoughts on “What to LOVE about WINTER!

  1. Don’t laugh, but I love a freshly shovelled driveway, when you were the first on the street… weird I know. In all seriousness though, ours is our yearly show at the Elgin Theatre on Toronto. Get’s us in the right spirit.

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  2. Boys look awesome 💙💙💙
    There is no much that I like about the winter…Brrrrryyyy.
    However, you need to try Twinnings “Winter Spice” herbal tea. 😉

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