Use the Law of Attraction for YOUR 2018!

Come January 1st, most of us will have a beautiful to-do list ready with New Year’s resolutions and goals for the year to come.  We all know where that list usually ends up by February;)

So, before you start writing out your list, consider using the law of attraction to help you start the new year with a different attitude!  Ask yourself:


Happy?  Great?  Ok, awesome!  Keep doing what you’re doing!

Image result for thumbs up

Not so great? Unhappy?

Image result for sad face


Wealthier? Happier? Healthier?

 Related image Image result for happy face  Image result for muscle arm clipart

The law of attraction says that the better you feel, the better your reality becomes.


How do I do that?

Feeling unhappy? Choose positive emotions only!

If you watch movies or TV shows that make you feel sad or depressed – why watch them? Watch something that makes you feel happy and positive.

If the news makes you stay up at night, why draw yourself in? Staying informed does not mean you need to feel bad. Choose only what makes you feel good.

If a cup of coffee in the morning feels good, then do that!  If a walk at lunch feels good – do that!  Do what makes you happy throughout the day! And the more things you find that make you happy, the more happiness you will draw to yourself!

Feeling negative about your body? Love yourself!

Heart 2

Look in the mirror and find things that you love about yourself, without paying attention to things you might not love right now.  If you criticize your body, you will not bring beauty to yourself!

So, choose to feel good about your body and you shall attract good things to it.  When you do this, exercising and eating well will feel right– it won’t be a chore that you will give up in February!

Feel that you don’t have enough? Refrain from complaining and limiting yourself

‘I don’t have enough’

‘I can’t do that’

‘I’m not good at that’

Imagine what it will feel like when you DO have it all, you CAN do it and you are AMAZING at that!

Use the power of your mind to imagine everything that you want. Kids do this all the time!  I remember doing this when I was young, and when I think about it now, many of the things I imagined did realize!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Practice daily gratitude

Be thankful for everything and everyone in your life. Starting in the morning, be thankful to be alive, to have a bed to sleep in, to have people who love you, to have that cup of coffee!

There are SO many things you can be thankful for. Practice this as much as you can.  After a while, this will become a habit.  You know the little saying “Count your blessings”?  Yeah!

A few things that can help you:

  • I found this fun Daily Routine sheet, which you can print and practice daily: 24 Hour Law of Attraction Daily Routine
  • Read The Magic – this is a 28-day-program guiding you in a daily gratitude process. FANTASTIC! I can lend you my copy!
  • Hey, who doesn’t believe Oprah?  Take a peek at her interview with Larry King where she credited her success to the law of attraction
  • Google ‘Law of Attraction’.  Millions of things to learn!

Have fun!

Here is to a MAGNIFICENT 2018!


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