Wednesday Fashion Alert: Pink

It’s Wednesday and what better way to feel GREAT about ‘hump day’ than to wear something pretty!

As you know, Valentine’s Day is next month, and that got me thinking about PINK.

Some people love it, some don’t care for it.  I’m in between – I don’t like an exaggerated look of pink (no head-to-toe pink for me, thank you very much!), but I do like to have a few sweet pieces!

I absolutely LOVE this powder pink skirt!  You can dress it up and dress it down.  Great for a Valentine’s Day dinner with your love, OR with sandals to a walk on the beach.

A cute flower pin, a pair of gorgeous earrings, and off you go!

Now, for a cool look – how about black tights and a pink furry vest?  Throw in a black belt, a pair of heels and voilà!


No pink in your wardrobe?  Accessorize! A pretty flower ring, a heart necklace, bangle bracelets… you go, Beautiful!

If Valentine’s Day is not your thing, just wear pink on Wednesday!

Feel great and have fun!


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