Friday Review: Berkeley North Restaurant

Shouldn’t all food just look GOOD?  It DOES at the Berkeley North Restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario!


If you’re from Hamilton, it’s a no brainer – you absolutely must visit this fantastic restaurant!  If you’re from oustide of Hamilton, come for a visit and you won’t be disappointed!

A small, cozy place with brilliantly positive energy, fantastic and accomodating staff and attention paid to the smallest details!  Tea is served in beautiful porcelain teacups, thank you very much.  Pretty little purse hangers are provided for each table.  The bill comes clipped with a tiny clothespin.  Can you tell I love the little details?  Yes!


And, MOST IMPORTANTLY – food not only looks good, it tastes great!



I opt for the salad bowls each time I visit for lunch.  Beautiful, healthy and delish!  If you’re not into salads, the Berkeley North menu accomodates all – vegans, vegeterians and meat lovers!

Price wise – very reasonable.  CAD$20-30, gets you a beautiful lunch.

The restaurant also offers a take out option.  Order online and pick up in about 15-20 minutes.  I had a small hiccup with ordering – the online order timed out and in effect, it was not placed.  I received a call from the restaurant within 10 minutes and they were quick to correct the problem.  Fantastic!


Berkeley North has a beautiful dinner menu as well, which I’m SO looking forward to trying!  See you there!

5 hearts out of 5 for this restaurant!

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