Product Review: Qi’a Superfood

Seeds are vital to a healthy human diet. They are filled with essential fats, protein, amino acids, fibre and antioxidants. Seeds can assist with weight loss, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and maintaining a strong brain function.

Today’s review looks at Nature’s Path Qi’a Superfood Breafast Cereal.

The Qi’a blend is a mix of chia, buckwheat and hemp seeds. They come in the Original as well as Cranberry Vanilla and Apple Cinnamon flavours.


Amazon offers the Qi’a Superfood Cereal for approx. CAD$8 per bag (225g).

A bag will last for about 5 days with a couple of tbsps consumed daily.


This product is vegan, organic, non-GMO and gluten-free.

The Original blend contains chia seeds, buckwheat groats and hemp seeds. May contain: soy, peanuts, milk or tree nuts. No sugar.

The other flavours include the original ingredients plus cranberries, cane sugar, almonds and vanilla for the Cranberry Vanilla, and raisins, dried apples and cinnamon for Apple Cinnamon.


The product promises to boost your nutrition and increase your energy while providing a feeling of fullness with only a couple of tablespoons.

I used the product for a period of one month. It can be consumed as breakfast cereal, but I tried it as an afternoon snack with natural yogurt.


Nutritionally – WORKS! 2 tbsps provide 15% of daily recommended iron intake, 16% of fibre, 6g of plant-based protein and 2g of Omega-6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Energy-wise – WORKS! I noted a good boost to energy levels, specifically because I simply felt healthier.

Feeling of fullness with 2 tbsps – WORKS SOMEWHAT! 2 tbsps did not make me feel full. I used 3 tbsps. With a tall glass of water, I felt fully satisfied.



The nutritional content is absolutely incredible.

It assists GREATLY with regulating digestion and increasing energy levels.

I plan to continue consuming Qi’a Superfood as part of my daily diet!


Taste is not fantastic. The original tastes like, well, seeds. While the Cranberry Vanilla and Apple Cinnamon taste a bit better, they also have more sugar.

And who likes to have seeds in their teeth?! Not me! Drink lots of water and keep tooth floss around.

4 HEARTS OUT OF 5 for this product.

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