Wheatgrass Giant Juice

Let’s talk a bit about wheatgrass, given its truly GIANT nutritional qualities!

Wheatgrass contains 70% chlorophyll – an important blood builder, as well as antioxidants, iron, zinc, manganese, protein, electrolytes, amino acids, fibre, vitamins A, B6, C, K and E and Selenium.

It boosts immunity, improves energy and digestion, detoxifies, increases the production of red blood cells, aids in lowering cholesterol and reducing high blood pressure and can help with anemia. Did I mention is gluten free? Yeah!



While it is possible to freeze it, wheatgrass juice nutrients are best available directly post juicing. Soooo, let’s make some juice!



  • Add wheatgrass and coconut water
  • Juice and serve immediately


  • Add wheatgrass and coconut water
  • Blend and pour over a fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth set over a glass bowl
  • Squeeze the liquid from the blended grass into the glass
  • Discard pulp
  • Serve immediately


You should only drink about 1oz. of wheatgrass per day, slowly increasing it to 2oz. per day. Drink it on an empty stomach early in the morning.

You will notice an intense taste – sort of ‘grassy’. You can add honey or lemon to flavour, but I say it’s only an ounce – just drink it and be done;) Personally, I don’t mind the taste at all!

Drink up! Believe me, your body will thank you:)


Cheers to YOUR health!


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