Wednesday Fashion Alert: Hello Sunshine!

Yellow – the colour of sun, light and positivity!

I was inspired to wear yellow this week when reading about the Hindu festival of Basant (or Vasant) Panchami which took place on January 22.  Yellow plays a vital role in Basant Panchami symbolizing light, new beginnings, prosperity, energy and optimism. Women wear gorgeous yellow clothes and make traditional delicacies in yellow tones. As the festival also marks the beginning of spring, the beautiful yellow mustard seed, fully in bloom at this time, also signifies Basant Panchami (NDTV Food,, Festivals of India).


The color of the sun stimulates, activates and frees from fear. It promotes alertness and concentration, symbolizes creativity and wisdom (The Unbounded Spirit).

Why not throw on that yellow scarf today! Be bold, happy and creative!


But – use yellow sparingly because it can be overpowering. Avoid it when you’re fearful, want to evade attention and relax (Huffington Post).

Pick one accessory such as a yellow handbag, or even a bag charm and off you go, Sunshine! Today is YOUR day!

20180123_19551720180123_121632 (1).jpg

A pretty little bracelet in the color of positivity can truly work wonders!


And look at the world through YELLOW glasses! I know I will!


Feel great and have fun!


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