Wednesday Fashion Alert: What does your handbag say about YOU?

What is your favorite handbag?  Are you a chic tote girl or a cross-body fashionista?  Prefer a sweet clutch or a pretty shoulder bag?  Whatever your preference, your handbag can say a lot about YOU!


A little clutch shows you are practical and confident.  All you need to is your phone, keys and a credit card and off you go to make a BIG impression with this little purse!  Then again you don’t need to impress anyone!  You’re super happy with YOU!


If you have a great fondness for big totes, you are dependable and opinionated.  You need this bag to organize your busy life and accomplish your goals.  A tote held in hand speaks volumes about the importance of your job!  You mean business!


A cross-body bag allows you to be on the go hands-free.  You are casual and independent.  You are functional but magnificently stylish!


Love a bag you can carry in the crook of your elbow?  Face it, you LOVE to impress with your fashion choices!  You’re successful and you’re not afraid to show it off.  You like your bag to be the ultimate marker of your status!  You impress!

Go out there today and wear your favorite bag proudly!

More on handbags and personality:

Feel great and have fun!



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