Book Review: “Hunger: A Memoir of (My Body)” by Roxane Gay

Whether you are a woman or a man…..whether you are raising boys, girls, or have no children at all….wherever you are in life, whatever you are doing, whatever struggle you have gone through…..

If you’re an adult human being, you must read this book.

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay is a sensitive yet strong, hopeless but hopeful, memoir of one life. One life of a woman changed by a violent act in her youth, kept secret for many years to come.  One life of a woman who became a voice for women everywhere.  Yet, a woman whose purpose of telling her story is not meant to teach or motivate.  It is simply is to tell her story.  A story of a woman who is stronger than weak. Truthful, open, bleeding story of a woman living in the world where ‘looks matter’, ‘bodies matter’.

Roxane Gay gained weight to hide, become invisible, unattractive, ignored and safe. She has lived in a large body that has provided her comfort yet has been subject to the utmost cruel commentaries.  A body that has provided safety yet shame.  She has lived in a world that cannot overcome its obsession with weight loss and self-worth linked to thinness.

We’ve all been in this world. We’ve all been judged on looking ‘too something’.  Too fat, too skinny, too ugly, too masculine, too feminine, too, too, too……

Gay may not have meant to design her memoir to teach or motivate. Yet, she does.  As human beings, we can relate.  We can relate because we are, or have been at some point, vulnerable.  We have held those inside conversations with food and our bodies.  We have all been stared down or have done the staring!  This world demands perfection and we have all realized, at one point or another, these visions are distorted.


Hunger made me sob uncontrollably.  Made me laugh out loud.  Made me think, think, think…

Smart, complicated, sharp and real.  A must-read.

5 hearts out of 5

5 stars


2 thoughts on “Book Review: “Hunger: A Memoir of (My Body)” by Roxane Gay

  1. So happy women are speaking up and speaking out against injustices directed to mostly women in our society. Men have got away with these injustices for generations, well thank God no more! Other women are at fault for our critical nature about others, why oh why was this ever exceptable?
    “Look at her, she is so fat, why doesn’t she stop eating junk food!”

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