MUST HAVE accessories for your beach vacation!

Thinking of a sunny destination?  Heading out to the beach?  Accessorize with these MUST-HAVES!  You will feel fabulous and it won’t be due solely to the extra Vitamin D intake;)


I absolutely LOVE these oh-so-fun and pretty little accessories!



The Lindsay Phillips line offers a HUGE variety of shoes and sandals with interchangeable snaps!  Take one pair of shoes and wear them in a few different styles!


Use your over-sized scarf as a cover-up, transform it into a sarong, wear it as a hair accessory – SO many possibilities!

Check out this fun link:  9 Ways to Transform Your Scarf into a Sarong


Pouches are not only pretty but super useful on a beach vacation!  Keep your keys, cash and phone in one place, away from sand and water.  Store the pouch in your beach bag and you’ll find your things easily!


Every woman needs a cool hat on a vacation!  Or two hats, or three!

Feel great and have fun!


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