Wednesday Fashion Alert: The power of BLACK

Black is quite popular on the fashion colour palette.  What am I saying!  Black IS fashion!  After all, we don’t say orange is the new brown.  It’s the new black, of course!



While black can be associated with sadness, depression or  loneliness – hence, worn at funerals and during time of mourning, this colour is SO much more!


Black is POWERFUL!  It creates the vibration of confidence, strength and authority.  It is often worn to job interviews and business meetings, and is also the colour of judicial and clergy robes.


Black is mysterious and elegant.  Dinner dates, weddings, formal events – all call for the sophistication of black.

Black is rebellious.  Think Gothic fashion.  Think bikers and musicians!

And black is, of course, a STATEMENT!  Think black at the 2018 Golden Globes as part of Time’s Up movement.

20180220_212207 (1).jpg

Wear a bit of black today to create that mystery and sophistication.  You’ll be a class act!

Feel great and have fun!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Fashion Alert: The power of BLACK

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