Restaurant Review: The Diplomat

Doesn’t the name THE DIPLOMAT speak volumes?! It’s the name of a new restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario which has been on my list of ‘TO TRY’ for weeks.  Finally, my girlfriend Leslie and I had a chance to have some good ole’ girl talk AND a fantastic lunch at this fun new place.  Woohoo!


The décor is quite modern, with a touch of that homey comfort. Very welcoming. Very cool.


Food – Good. Really GOOD.  Vegeterian, vegan and meat-lover options available.

Les picked the Burger Royale. She was craving a good burger and a G-O-O-D burger she got!


I opted for the Smashed Avocado Toast. DELICIOUS! And PRETTY!  Warning: it is on the spicy side. Talk to your server before ordering.  I happen to love spicy food, so I was quite happy with my selection.


We could have picked hearty vegetables or soup for our sides, but let’s face it – girl talk calls for fries. And these were fabulous! None of that fast food taste. Real-good-fries.

Price – extremely reasonable. CAD$20 gets you a beautiful lunch!


Overall – awesome atmosphere, fantastic food, great price.  Go visit them!  43 King William Street, Hamilton.

I’m super grateful for restaurant gems such as this one in my city!

5 hearts out of 5 for The Diplomat!

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