Spring/Summer 2018 Scarves

The 2018 Spring/Summer season promises to be scarfilicious! Yes, ladies, let’s talk about scarves! I, for one, adore them! Scarves can be as romantic, lovely and feminine or as rebellious and powerful as YOU want them to be!

A black scarf can add that sophistication you’re looking for to add to a white spring jacket OR it can serve as an edgy accessory to a leather coat!


Given that pastel ‘ice cream colors’ were very popular on the 2018 Spring/Summer catwalk (Harpers Bazaar), why not incorporate these beautiful hues into a pretty scarf!


And, as you know, purple rocks! Pantone’s 2018 color of the year is Ultra Violet! This is a good day to purchase a spring/summer scarf in any shade of purple!

Pantone Color of the Year - Ultra Violet

Wear it nonchalantly to let both ends flow, or wear it as a bow tie and combine it with a cool necklace. Wear it as a belt, head scarf or even a cool hand accessory! Rock that thing!


Feel great and have fun!


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