Book Review: ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Anthony Robbins

I may have been living under a rock for some years, as I have never read Tony Robbins’ books.  Until now, of course.  I came upon Awaken the Giant Within and I must say – this guy is pure GOLD!  It is absolutely of no surprise he has such a following!

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

Having said that, I am a big believer in motivational books, so I’m likely an easy target when it comes to books such as this one. And, I do admit, even I hesitated a couple of times when reading this book.  That realist in you just comes out and says ‘Come on!  Just because you write out your biggest dreams, it does not mean they will magically appear!’

Yet, as I read on, I realized there is much more to this.  Robbins guides the reader in understanding controlled focus, planning one’s life and making decisions.  AND – most importantly, Anthony Robbins speaks from his own life experience.  He was once in a state of struggle and depression which he fully overcame and went on to become a sensational entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.

As in many motivational books, you will find many motivational quotes here – to give you that extra ‘kick’.  I love it!

Hannibal - We will either find a way or make one

Here is what I take from Awaken the Giant Within:

  • Control your life – don’t let it control you (don’t go with the flow!)
  • Once you make a decision – don’t let there be a way out or an alternative
  • Focus on what you want – not what you don’t want (telling yourself all the things you don’t want to happen just brings more of those things to you!)
  • Change your life by changing your beliefs and thoughts – associate pain with bad habits and pleasure with beneficial habits

Wherever you are in your life right now, however happy or unhappy you are, whatever your dreams – BIG or small, Tony Robbins shows you there is much, much more you can be, create and achieve.

We all have dreams, ideas and desires.  Unfortunately, many of us go through life without achieving them because we don’t focus our attention on achieving them!

I’m very excited to have found this book!   Inspiring and insightful!  I’m reading it for the third time now!

4.5 hearts out of 5 for ‘Awaken the Giant Within


This book deserves a 5 heart rating, but I do believe you have to be open to change and willing to participate to get the full benefit of this reading.  AND, you really should read it at least a couple of times for the message to sink in.



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