My Polish-Canadian Easter

Happy Sunday everyone!  And Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

I celebrate Easter, much like I celebrate Christmas (see my post here: Christmas) – in a very Polish-Canadian way.


One of my very favourite Easter traditions is making Easter eggs – called pisanki in Polish.  This basically involves colouring and decorating hard boiled eggs.  See this post from Lamus Dworski (Pisanki) about the different artistic ways of making pisanki – pretty amazing!

I often use decorating kits to make my Easter eggs but I also do LOVE the traditional ways of making dyes with food.  Onion peels give eggs a beautiful rich orange to light brown colour, blackerries – purple, beets – red, red cabbage – blue.

I usually make Easter eggs with my boys on Good Friday.  While we make the traditional Polish pisanki, we have also developed our own Canadian tradition – painting plaster eggs.  We ensure to always write the year that we made them….this way, I can keep these little guys and show my grandkids one day;)



On Holy Saturday, we prepare baskets full of sampling of Easter foods and bring them to church for a blessing.  Our baskets are filled with bread, water, ham, sausage, salt and pepper, cottage cheese, pisanki, horseradish….basically, everything that we will need to make our traditional Barszcz Bialy (White Borscht – Polish Easter Soup) and other things we will be eating on Easter Sunday!  LOVE!


I always try to get out with the kids on Holy Saturday to an Easter egg hunt  – lots and lots organized in our area – local farms, churches, daycares….so much fun!  And another fantastic Canadian tradition:)  This year we visited my brother and sister-in-law’s farm for a hunt – EGGSCELLENT!

On Easter Sunday, we get together with our family and eat, eat, eat!  My mom makes the best of everything.  Barszcz Bialy is the main meal, of course, but there is obviously SO much more.  White sausage, herring, vegetable salad, babka, mazurek (baked goodness!) and cheesecake are just some of the beautiful foods we consume.  Needless to say, just writing about it is making me hungry!


But before all of that – a very important Canadian tradition – the Easter Bunny comes!  How does this guy do it?  I don’t know, but he comes to see my kids and brings SO many cool things for them to find around the house!  How awesome!  Love this Canadian bunny of ours!

Finally, on Easter Monday – another Polish tradition – Śmigus-Dyngus!  Or Wet Monday!  Yup, you got it – it’s a day where we spray each other with water.  Like it or not – you’re getting wet! This is a tradition going back to the 14th century and its orgins are connected to the coming of spring and water being the symbol of life and renewal.

Seriously, in Poland, this day is a national water fight!  Water balloons, water guns, water bottles – you name it – it all comes out that day!


Whatever YOU do this weekend, I wish you much health and happiness!

Happy Sunday! Happy Easter!


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