Book Review: ‘The Power’ by Rhonda Byrne

I have been following the Law of Attraction quite intensively in the past year.  I credit it with saving my sanity in the toughest moments of my life.  I read The Power after being introduced to Rhonda Byrne’s first book The Secret wherein she speaks to the law of attraction.  The Power is a follow-up to the success of The Secret, taking positive thinking beyond the law of attraction.



A few things I take away from The Power:

Life is not just happening to you – it is responding to you – a positive outlook on life brings out more positive things into your life.


Love is power.  If you give love to other people and things, it comes back to you.  Holding on to feelings of anger, fear or resentment hurts YOU.


You cannot change a negative situation with bad feelings. If your reaction is always negative, your bad feelings will simply magnify and multiply the negativity.

When you learn how to change your feelings, you learn how to change your life.  Focusing with love on the things we desire, brings about those things.

Overall –  this is a motivational book with the message that positive thinking and love can change your life.

If you have an open mind – this book really can change your life.  The minute you start reading, you will simply feel good.  If you get anything out of this read, it will be inspiration for a better life, or even just a better day!  Guaranteed.

At the same time, if you are a non-believer in the law of attraction, or anything beyond, this book may not be of use to you at all.  It truly depends on your own outlook.

Critically, I am giving this book 4 hearts out of 5, as I don’t believe it will speak to everyone.  Having said that, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for something more in life – whether a small push to think about life overall, or a major one to create changes to thinking and being.

Inspirational, motivational, positive read.

4 hearts out of 5 for The Power 



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