Restaurant Review: Green Bar

The Green Bar in Hamilton, Ontario has been on my list of local eateries to visit for quite a while now.  They are a quick service cafe which prides itself at being vegan, wholesome and fresh.  Fantastic!

Green Bar.jpg

I’ve seen their beautiful website and Instagram page and all those pretty pictures of vegan smoothies, salads, meals and desserts did look very fresh, healthy and absolutely tempting!  And so I finally visited the Green Bar to put their promises to the test.  I was not dissapointed!

The place is small, but there is plenty of sitting space, pretty little green plants everywhere and local art on the walls.  Very laid-back, relaxing vibe.


I went in thinking I really wanted one of those beautiful smoothies!  Once I got there, I decided to go for something different.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I love making smoothies myself.  So I decided to change it up a bit and opted for the Superhero Bowl ($10.95). - superhero saladThe food took a while to be made but it is being made fresh, so I can’t really complain, can I?  I didn’t find the staff to be extremely excited, but they were friendly enough.  The bowl was brought politely to my table and I could dig in!  Woohoo!

I guess you could always try to call ahead of time and order off their menu if you’re pressed for time? They also have the ‘grab and go’ rotating menu and healthy drinks to choose from (yes, they have coconut water and kombucha!).


My Superhero Bowl was not only a feast for the eyes, it was also a feast for the palate!  It consisted of rice, spinach, kale, avocado, sprouts, sweet potatoes, kimchi, tempeh, flax ume oil and tahini sauce.  Loved it!  I’m not a big fan of tempeh, but everything else was SUPER good and SUPER filling.

Trying a smoothie for my next visit!  Can’t wait!

If you’re in Hamilton, visit the Green Bar too!  236 James Street North.

4.5 hearts out of 5



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