Tote Bag – a MUST Fashion Accessory

I believe every woman needs a bag she can carry her life in.  The one that will carry all of your agendas, snacks, water bottles, extra pair of shoes, gloves, shopping…..yes, that one!

In comes the tote!



Why are tote bags so popular?  Well, they are obviously BIG, roomy and can hold a lot!

They are so versatile too! From the beach, to business travel, from the gym to a dinner out, a good tote bag will accompany you everywhere!  And a good bag can last you for a looong time!  They’re very durable.

According to the New York Post – ‘People are judging how cool you are by your tote bag’! Yes, the tote has become a huge statement of promoting businesses, ideas, books, newspapers, places.  Anything, really!


Tote bags are honestly the best fashion accessory!  There are so many beautiful, great quality, stylish totes out there!  From simple shopping totes to high end designer, your choices are limitless!  You are making a BIG statement with this one BIG accessory!

Shopping Ideas:

What tote bag will you be sporting today?  Whatever you choose, go out there and enjoy being YOU!

Feel great and have fun!


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