Fashion Psychology

Do you know of the Hemline Index?  I recently read about this theory by Economist, George Taylor, who presented it back in 1926.  The gist of Taylor’s theory indicates that women often show preference for longer dresses during poor economic times, and for shorter hemlines during times of prosperity.

So, as an example, in the 1920’s and 1960’s, there was a general love for miniskirts in America, while during the 1929 Wall Street Crash, fashion was ruled by longer dresses.

Hemline Index

Photo source: Edge of Urge

Hmmm….this really got me thinking about fashion psychology and the way we express ourselves.  How we feel about ourselves, how we view the world and how we want the world to see us – these all play a major role in our fashion approach (whether we consciously admit to it or not!)

Clearly, clothes used to serve the purpose of simply keeping us warm and dry. Long gone are those days, am I right?!  Today, our clothes are expressing our inner souls!  And vice versa! Style has an effect on our inner spirit!   If you feel happy, you may go for that flowery skirt.  In turn, if you wear that flowery skirt, you may have a better day.  All put in simple terms, but you get my point.


Just as our moods, fashion is always changing.  It can be hot and cold, wild and calm, sweet and crazy.

Hence, we absolutely must use our emotions when making those fashion choices!  Just think, if you are having a crazy morning, nothing is going well, and you feel ‘blah’, wearing something completely uncomfortable like a pair of pants two sizes too small, will make your day even worse!   Go with your mood!  If you feel blah, wear something that will make you feel at least somewhat better.  Maybe it’s something comfortable.  Flats instead of heels.  Pants that actually fit you.  A green scarf because the colour green calms you down and helps you relax.  Whatever you feel good in!

And remember – not everyone will love your fashion choices. Not everyone will think you are a fashion icon.  And that’s OK.  Because you are expressing YOU.


Please read about Karen Dawnn – a pioneer in the field of Fashion Psychology.    She is pretty fantastic!

Feel great and have fun!


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