Book Review: ‘Surprise Me’ by Sophie Kinsella

Decided to take a break for my usual book genre and picked up something light, fun and entertaining – just in time for the great weather!

‘Surprise Me’ by Sophie Kinsella was a fun and enjoyable read – easy to pick up and put down at any time.

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If you have read Kinsella’s books before, you will know that her characters always seem to have a way of drawing the reader in.  Definitely delivered this time, as well.

Sylvie and Dan have been together for 10 years when a routine health check with their doctor puts their life into a whole new perspective…..they are told they can expect to be together for another 68 years!   Shocked with the ‘good news’ the couple decides to plan their marriage with surprises to keep it interesting.  After all, they are finishing each other’s sentences already!  Won’t it get terribly boring, routine and predictable in the next decades?

As they both try to make life more fascinating, secrets from the past start unraveling and the couple begins to wonder if they ever knew each other at all.

While not terribly mind blowing or thought provoking, this book definitely was quite charming, zesty and delightful.  A nice weekend read or a book to bring to the beach;)

4 hearts out of 5 for ‘Surprise Me’ !

4 Hearts


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