Why Is Dry Brushing GREAT For You?

Do you dry brush your skin?  I mean, you brush your hair, you brush your teeth, so why not your skin?

I started to brush my skin just because it feels absolutely FANTASTIC and makes my skin super soft, but there are SO many benefits to dry brushing!


Why is dry brushing great for you?

  • It Boosts Your Circulation 

The circulatory system provides oxygen and nutrients to body cells, and removes any waste products and toxins from the body.  Dry brushing improves your circulation and promotes the flow of oxygen-rich blood.  In effect, it helps your cells renew.


  • It Exfoliates Your Skin

This is an obvious one!  Dry brushing helps greatly in removing dirt, dead skin cells and other tiny foreign particles that hid in your pores.  Essentially, dry brushing your skin helps it breathe!

  • It Stimulates Your Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system eliminates cellular waste products. Lymphatic tubules allow waste to be collected from the tissues and transported to the blood for elimination. If your lymphatic system is not working properly, waste can build up and make you sick.  Dry brushing powerfully detoxifies your body and prevents inflammation and disease!

  • It Energizes Your Body

Dry brushing invigorates the nervous system and increases circulation.  In effect, you feel absolutely energized after just a quick session!

  • Reduces Cellulite

Oh that bumpy stubborn fat!  We all know it, we all hate it!  Well, dry brushing regularly can definitely assist in evenly distributing the fat deposits on your skin, therefore making the appearance of cellulite fade away!

How To Dry Brush:

  • Pick a brush that feels stiff but not too harsh
  • Dry brush preferably in the morning, before your morning shower
  • Start at the bottom of your feet and work up
  • Use long, smooth strokes – brush each area about 10 times
  • For lumph flow, brush toward the heart where the lumph system drains
  • On the stomach – brush in a circular clockwise motion


Women everywhere spend a lot of time and money getting massages at spas and getting skin care treatments, yet, just a couple of minutes everyday doing simple skin brushing can help you get SO many benefits!  Try it today!

Happy Sunday!




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