Black And White Fashion

WHITE means purity, innocence, equality, wholeness and perfection.

BLACK means mystery, secret, power and control (Empowered by color).

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Black fashion is strong, bold and sophisticated (see my post: The power of BLACK).  There is a reason why marketers around the globe use black in their ads when they are emphasizing the product is meant for strong, powerful individuals!

White fashion is positive, new and fresh (see my post: Beach White).  Apple constantly uses white in their products and I think it works quite well to promote their creative thought;)

But what about black AND white?

Whether you consider black and white colors or the absence of colors, one thing is clear:  they work remarkably well together!  Check out the debate about black and white here:  Are Black and White Colors?

Although B&W are opposite in visual sense, opposites really do attract.  Black and white fashion speaks volumes!

Whether it is a white dress with black accessories, or a black pencil skirt with a pretty white top, you honestly cannot go wrong with this combo!  And really, you can accessorize black and white with anything, because B&W goes with everything!

Check out this MORPHClothing dress (LOVE them!) accessorized with a simple black belt and black heels.  It’s a statement piece for sure!


Other shopping ideas:

Check out some black and white fashion trends for spring 2018 from Paris Fashion Week: In Style.

What are YOU wearing today?

Feel great and have fun!


8 thoughts on “Black And White Fashion

  1. Aga did you ever go to the Black and White store in St. Jacobs? It was great, but no longer there. Bernie and I frequently went there to shop!
    Black and White are very classy good blog!

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