Shoes – A Girl’s Best Friend

Every girl knows that a great pair of shoes does wonders!  After all, they are a girl’s best friend;)  They can make you feel confident in an instant!  AND with such variety of styles and colours to choose from – you will always find that perfect match.

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Check out Harper’s BAZAAR list of spring/summer 2018 shoe trends. SO many cool styles for this season! Oh my!

Here are a few fantastic finds from Guess:

A new pair of shoes can seriously change your life!  Just think of Cinderella;)

Feel great and have fun!


5 thoughts on “Shoes – A Girl’s Best Friend

  1. I live in Washington state, on Bainbridge Island, but moved here from DC about 11 years ago. My first outing here, I wore heels. But NO ONE on this island wears heels. Lol… I choose to be eccentric now and then, but flip flops are usually the going fashion. Although, there are some really cute flip-flops out there… 🙂

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