5 Steps to the Perfect Nails

What is your Inner Nail Fashion Diva ?  Does she prefer nude or bright red?  Dark and mysterious or light and fun? Long and powerful or short and sweet?

Whatever your preference, one thing is sure:  having a fresh manicure feels fantastic!

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Did you know nail art goes back thousands of years?  The juice of henna was used to adorn nails in Ancient Egypt.  In fact, Cleopatra favoured deep shades of red and gold!  Nail colour was a symbol of status and Ancient Egyptian women refrained from wearing the same dark colours as the queen.

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In ancient China, nail art was created using beeswax, gelatin, vegetables dyes and egg whites!

Of course, the twentieth century showed us Revlon’s development of modern nail enamel and nail colour application has become a true form of art.  Elaborate nail designs featuring various patterns and nail jewelry achieve truly remarkable results.

But what do you do to have those pretty nails everyday?


Here are just 5 Steps to the Perfect Nails:

  1. Don’t cut your cuticles!  That’s a big NO-NO.  The skin is there to protect the nail from bacteria.  Instead, use a cuticle oil to keep your cuticles healthy and prevent them from cracking
  2. Use a moisturizer.  Nourish your hands and nails with a good moisturizer to promote healthy nail growth and healthy hands overall!
  3. Use a good nailgrowth treatment.  This is essential for those healthy, strong, pretty nails.
  4. Apply a base and a top coat.  That is the secret to a long lasting manicure!
  5. Do not use a harsh nail polish remover.  Instead, opt for something natural but still strong enough to take that polish off.

Your MUST HAVE items for perfect nails:


Rock those nails today!

Feel great and have fun!


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