5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Own!

Whether you are a ‘Tomboy’, ‘Classy Diva’, ‘Bohemian Butterfly’ or any other fashion style out there, there are some items in a woman’s wardrobe we must all own.  Time to measure up your closet!

5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Own:


A tailored blazer is perfect for all body types!  But do make sure you find one that fits you well!  Pair it up with jeans and stilletos for a night out, or with a slim pant and pumps for a business meeting or job interview.


A pair of oversized earrings are all you need to bring a whole outfit to the next level!  Truly!  And depending on the shape and colour, you can absolutely wear them with any outfit, be it an office attire or a night-out dress!

Forever 21 Feather Earrings - Mish Mash Lifestyle Blog


Let’s face it, our feet do need rest from high heels once in a while!  But, that does not mean we have to sacrafice our style!  A pair of perfect flats goes a long way!



Many of us don’t wear watches anymore.  We all own phones, right?  But a cool watch is not just a timekeeper – it’s a must have accessory!



Had to include it!  If you don’t own one – you need to go shopping ASAP!  Every woman needs the little black dress – whether you are going to a dinner out, work function, or a wedding – this will be your best friend!

Do you own all of these essentials?  Regardless of your answer, it’s still okay to do a bit of shopping;)

Feel great and have fun!


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