Remembering Kate Spade and Loving Her Designs

Kate Spade, the creative founder of Kate Spade New York, has suddenly passed away this week.

Her death has opened up important conversations around the globe surrounding depression, suicide and mental health.  It’s so sad that our world often doesn’t allow for us to seek help, conversation, a lending hand.

As we remember Kate Spade, I think one fact truly stands out – she brought an intense amount colour, joy and pure happiness in her designs, despite the difficulties she may have been facing.

Whether I’m in an elevator, on a walk, shopping or having lunch – I always observe women and their fashion and style. I just love it. And, it never fails – a Kate Spade bag is always carried SO proudly! It just is. Seriously. The fun part is that it’s an amazingly stylish bag, yet, there is that touch of quirkiness, you know? Happy, stylish, crisp, outgoing, classy, smart, beautiful – YOU.  That’s why we all long for that pretty Kate Spade!

While Kate Spade sold the company in 2006 and was not associated with the brand for a few years, her initial design still clearly lives on at Kate Spade New York.

Kate Spade, the designer and fashion icon, will live forever in the happy memories she created for her fans.  While her world might have been sad, she was able to bring sunshine to those around her.

“People always ask me, ‘Where do you find inspiration?’ and I think it’s a difficult question to answer because – everywhere.”   — Kate Spade


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