Top 4 Sunglasses Trends for Summer 2018

Summer and sunglasses go hand in hand, so let’s take a peek at the Top 4 Sunglasses for Summer 2018!

I absolutely love wearing sunglasses all year – they’re so versatile!  Plus, they serve as a statement-making fashion accessory to any outfit!  From edgy to classy, a pair of sunglasses goes such a long way!

This summer, you MUST find a great pair of glasses on this list:

1.     CAT EYE – sexy, playful and simply a classic!  These beauties will take you from the day at work to an evening out and about.

2.     AVIATORS – my favourites!  Aviators can never go out of style, in my opinion.  I love the versatility of these shades.  You can pair them with pretty much any outfit!


3.  SHIELD – these fun sunglasses might have once served a very practical purpose, but no more!  These sporty, funky shades are a must-have for this summer!

4.   ROUND – the iconic round sunglasses are cool and modern this season.  I love to pair them with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look.


Find that inner Jackie O in you today!  I know I am!  Enjoy your sunglasses and enjoy yourself!

Feel great and have fun!




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