3 Reasons To LOVE An A-Line Skirt

You may or may not know, I absolutely LOVE A-line skirts!  I wrote about my favourite skirt here: THE skirt!  I now have a few of them, and I keep ‘collecting’ – can’t get enough, seriously!  I always feel absolutely fantastic wearing them!

Why do I love them SO much?!

Here are the top 3 Reasons To Love An A-Line Skirt:

    1. The A-Line skirt is the most flattering piece of wardrobe for pretty much any body shape and size. Ideal for the pear shape, hourglass, rectangle… whatever category you fit it – it will look great on YOU! Adds curves where you need them and hides those imperfections where they don’t need to be seen.


  1. This pretty skirt is super versatile too! Wear it to the office or to a beautiful dinner out. Take it out and about with the kids or for a simple walk with your significant other. Have a bridal shower or, hey, even a wedding coming up? Yup, this pretty little thing will be the talk of the party! Mish Mash Lifestyle Blog - Amore Tulle Midi Skirt - Chic Wish
  2. The A-line skirt is weather friendly, from spring to winter! Show off your tanned legs and wear a lively and colourful skirt in the warmer seasons! Or, add some pretty tights for a gorgeous autumn/winter look! One thing is sure: you will look fabulous all year long!

Go out there today, wear a pretty skirt and be your best self!

Feel great and have fun!


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