Sweet Cherry Maple Water Smoothie

Have you been cherry picking this season yet?  I don’t know about your part of the world, but here in my little world, the cherries are absolutely BEAUTIFUL this year!  I love fresh sweet cherries, and my kids love them too.  Albeit Daniel loves them a lot more than Dominick;)  Either way, they are a staple in our kitchen when in season!

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The little cherry is not only beautiful, sweet and juicy.  It’s filled with goodness too!  Cherries contain Vitamins A, C, E and K, potassium, dietary fibre and some copper, manganese, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and zinc.

Cherries are linked to balancing blood pressure, easing muscle soreness, prevention of cancer and heart disease.  They are extremely rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

So, let’s make a beautiful, healthy and delicious cherry smoothie today!  In honour of Canada turning 151 years old, we will be adding maple water to our smoothie today.  Delicious and SO good for you – it’s low calorie and super hydrating!


  • 2 cups cherries
  • 1 cup maple water
  • 2 tbsp quick oats


  • Pit cherries
  • Soak oats in maple water for a couple of minutes
  • Blend all ingredients well
  • Serve and enjoy!

To pit the cherries, I use this handy little cherry pitter.  Saves me time and energy.  You can get one here or click on picture below.
Enjoy the goodness of cherries today!  They’re only in season for so long!

Mish Mash Lifestyle Blog - Cherry Maple Water Smoothie.jpg

Cheers to YOUR health!

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