Product Review: Dalcini Stainless Steel Lunch/Snack Containers

Even though summer break has began not so long ago, I am already thinking ahead to the school semester that is to come!  I’m actually quite excited for my Daniel – he is starting Junior Kindergarten this year and he is SUPER happy!  So, to start practicing our lunch preparing and container opening/closing skills, we got some new containers for my little man;)  I do love the Mighty Hippo containers which I reviewed a few months back (See post: Product Review: Mighty Hippo Containers).  However, I saw these Dalcini Containers, which are completely stainless steel, and I thought they might be great to try!



The 6 piece container set (3 food storage squares with 3 matching lids) cost CAD $58 on Amazon.  Pricey.


The containers come in three different sizes.  The largest one can easily hold a sandwich and a side snack.  The smaller ones can fit good size snacks.

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The containers are extremely lightweight.  The polished stainless steel lid surface is writable – any washable marker can be used for writing the contents or  sweet messages;)



Yes, the containers are great and I really like them.  There are a couple of hiccups, though.


  • durable
  • high quality
  • sustainable
  • dishwasher safe
  • easy to clean
  • non-toxic – no plastic, paints, lead, BPA and phthalates
  • lifetime warranty


  • Price is a turn off (but with all the pros listed above – I think it’s well worth it)
  • Being that the lids have no clasps – the containers can either be difficult to close, or hard to open (especially for little hands).  Practice does make perfect.  And you have to ensure you’re not overfilling.
  • The polished stainless steel is beautiful but it obvously shows all fingerprints once touched.

We have been using the containers every day just to use as snacks when we go out.  Daniel is getting really good at opening these!

I really like the fact that these are fully stainless steel – other brands usually offer plastic lids with stainless steel containers.   These little guys are good for the environment, long-lasting and most importatnly – good for my family!

I think I will be a returning customer – I’ll buy another set and my boys will be good to go in September!

4.5 hearts out of 5 for the Dalcini Stainless Steel Food Containers

4.5 Hearts


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