Happy Birthday To My Baby and An Interview with a 4 Year Old!

Happy Birthday to my Daniel today!  My baby turns 4 years old and I’m a proud, proud mama!  On this day, 4 years ago, I became a mom once again and I knew at that moment my life was full.  I always wondered how it would be possible to have the same amount of love for your second child, as for your first.  And yet, there it was.  Love was just bursting from my heart!


This sweet boy of mine – words cannot describe how much he means and how very much I love him.  My little go-getter, feisty and strong and yet, sweet and kind.  Happy and fun, yet responsible beyond his years!

Here is a little birthday interview we did:

  • Mama (M):  Happy Birthday Daniel!
  • Daniel (D): Oh, well, thanks Mama!
  • M: What do you want to do for your birthday, Daniel?
  • D: First, we have to spell our names so we can start my birthday fun!  I’ll start!  D-A-N-I-E-L!   Ok, now I’ll do yours too:  M-A-M…. ok, that’s it.
  • M:  So what would you like to do today?
  • D:  I’d like to play games, ride a bike, go to Kings Buffet (restaurant), go on a sail boat and a train ride.  Then, we’ll come home, go to sleep, wake up and then we’ll go to church (!)
  • M:  Daniel, what’s your favourite place to visit?
  • D:  I like to go to see Thomas the Train
  • M:  What’s your favourite book?
  • D:  The big book we read together
  • M:  What’s your favourite story?
  • D: ‘The Sad Octopus’
  • M: What’s your favourite colour?
  • D: Blue (it was orange yesterday;))
  • M: What’s your favourite food?
  • D: Pancakes, white chocolate, oh….and dark chocolate, and strawberries, and….
  • M: When you close your eyes – what do you see?
  • D:  You mama!
  • M: Tell me something about YOU – Daniel
  • D:  I’m happy!  Let’s start my birthday party, okay?

My little Daniel, not so little anymore.  We can have conversations now, talk about our feelings, share stories and funny jokes:)  He’s an awesome kid!

Happy Birthday Daniel!  Every single day, I am reminded of how very lucky I am.  I’m SO grateful for your smiles, hugs and kisses.  You remind me what matters in life.


I love you SO much!

Mama - blue.png

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