‘Thin Privilege’

Cora Harrington, a Lingere Blogger, took to Twitter to explain her idea on what ‘thin privilege’ means to her.  Her tweet has gone viral and has gotten many people talking.  What exactly is this idea of thin privilege?  In Harrington’s view, thin privilege is how you are perceived by society and treated accordingly.  The very basic idea here is:  if you’re thin, you don’t get looked down upon when eating pizza or ice cream in public; you don’t get looks on the airplane, and you can easily find clothing at any store of your choice.

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Harrington, who, by the way, is thin by society’s standards, is not the first person to talk about thin privilege, but she has gotten people into heated conversations on the topic, with some even questioning whether this idea even exists.

Some argue that although they are thin, they are still picked on and bullied.  On another hand, there are those who believe Harrington should not be advocating for others, who can clearly speak for themselves.  Still others believe Harrington to be making a very valid point.

In this world where looking a certain way is viewed in a certain way by people around us – can we say this ‘thin privilege’ exists?

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In my view, yes, absolutely.  Thin privilege exists.  If you are a certain size, you are definitely viewed in a certain way.  Bottom line here – we are judged.  We are judged based on appearance, regardless of how much we try or don’t try to fit in.  We are judged.  I think thin privilege means judgement.

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And yes, even though I’m thin by society’s standards, I’m still judged.  Here one thing I try to remind myself of:  it all starts with me.  Self-love and love for others.  Don’t judge and don’t be judged.

What do YOU think?  Do you believe this idea of ‘thin privilege’ is valid?  Does it exist?

Feel great today and give some love to others!


5 thoughts on “‘Thin Privilege’

  1. I’m thin also…I think I am seen in “a certain way” because of this, and quite possibly am treated differently because of how I look. Yet, some people see me as too thin and wonder if something’s wrong with me. Lol…it goes both ways. Me? I try my best to only look into people’s eyes, to try to see their “light,” their soul. Because only there will we find the true essence of the being in front of us. And even though we’ve never met in person, Aga, I know in my heart that you are special. Xoxoxo

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  2. I am not thin by society’s standards, and it’s a struggle every day for me, even though I try to look at the real me: the me that’s inside, the one that has so much to say. I find that I shy away from attracting too much attention to myself in part because of this. I feel like it is constant source of stress which manifests itself in different ways… when trying on clothing, eating certain foods, being on the beach. I was on vacation this summer and didn’t go into the water for fear that I would be judged. Thankfully that was a very small part of our holiday but it did leave a mark on me. I am also, however, guilty of judging. Perhaps not with regards to body types, but certainly in other areas. Perhaps it’s a defense mechanism of sorts. Judge or be judged? Perhaps alot of us struggle with this.

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    • I think that makes a lot of sense and many of us are probably living with those same fears. Judge or be judged…. It’s very hard to love our own bodies when we constantly feel judged. At the same time, we can’t even begin loving ourselves if we only look at our body through society’s lenses. Such a difficult concept. Thank you for commenting with such honesty! xo


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