I Love To Shop At The Local Farmers’ Market And You Should Too!

Farmers’ Market … just thinking about it makes me feel SO good!  The smells, the colours, the food, the people, the atmosphere.  Fantastic feeling!

I am super lucky to live around many farms where farmers have summer stands, smaller and larger markets, and of course our very own Hamilton Farmers’ Market – open all year round!

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What I L-O-V-E about the farmers’ market:

  • Fresh food!  Fruit, veggies and other goods bought from a supermarket have likely been transported on a refrigerated transport truck for days.  Meanwhile, produce from the local farmers’ market is super fresh, and in case of vegetables and fruits – these can be picked just hours before landing in your bag.  Super fresh, super great!!

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  • Local!   Local farmers’ markets support local family farms and local economies.  Farms provide local jobs and are more than likely giving the money back into the local economy.  Buying from farmers supports them in continuing their operations!

This historic Birks clock (also known as the Clock of the Charging Horsemen) hangs in our Hamilton Farmers’ Market – a beautiful addition to the market itself and a piece of Hamilton history.  It was originally installed in 1930 outside of the Birks Jewellery store.  The clock weighs more than one ton and is as tall as a two-storey building.

  • Taste!  Let’s face it, if you do a taste test between farm fresh foods and foods from a supermarket – who’s winning?  Yes, farmers’ market food just tastes GOOD!

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  • Social!  Isn’t it great to actually be able to converse with people who grow your food and plants, prepare your baked goods and feed the chickens that bring eggs to your table?  Isn’t it great to ask questions of people who are genuinely excited and passionate about providing healthy, safe and delicious products to your kitchen? YES!

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  • Fantastic place to bring your family!  What better way of getting to know your community than meeting people at the local market!  I know my boys absolutely love taking little trips to the market, picking up the food they will eat, finding new products to try, and overall – having a great little outing!  Our Hamilton Farmers’ Market always has fun community events, such as the Family Scavenger Hunt Contest they held at the market during the month of July.  How fun is that for the kids?!

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Go visit your local farmers’ market today!  You’ll love it!


4 thoughts on “I Love To Shop At The Local Farmers’ Market And You Should Too!

  1. I love the market too. Especially when there’s nothing to do but to just absorb the crisp fresh air, the lovely people and the healthy food, and the children who dance and smile to any music that happens to be playing. Happy Sunday to you! 😘

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