Book Review: ‘Warm Transfer’ by Laura Holtz

Do you know the meaning of the term ‘warm transfer’?

A warm transfer happens when a customer service agent stays on the line with you while transferring you to another agent – just to make sure you don’t get disconnected.

Doesn’t the title ‘Warm Transfer’ sound intriguing?

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In her debut novel, Laura Holtz has grabbed my attention for three reasons:

Important subject, especially during the times of the #MeToo movement.  

The main character of the book, Tamsen Peel, is married to a controlling and emotionally abusive man.  After leaving a very succesful career to become a mother, she finds herself losing her identity and conforming to her husband’s narcissistic ways.  While her children are her main priority at all times, Tamsen tries to find her way back to her true being, her true self.  Pain, guilt and desperation – Tamsen’s story is filled with much of the same feelings as many women experience all around us.  Many living in the very same situation.  Many living the picture perfect lives on the outside, yet struggling on the inside.  Many wanting to end the tyranny and not knowing how.  Tamsen’s story is a reflection.

Perfect female empowerment book BUT also an awesome beach read!

I love books with strong female characters and this one didn’t disappoint. It is filled with compelling messages about women’s strength, self-love and overcoming what may seem impossible.

While I’m not a romance reader myself, this book has enough romance for those who enjoy a bit of that too.  Tamsen hires a much younger music teacher for her son and the romance helps her transform, or transfer…

Ten percent of the profits from Warm Transfer are being donated by Holtz to The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN).   

I won’t lie – this made an impact on me.  Laura Holtz visibly and genuinly wants to support other women.  I stand behind any woman who does just that!

4.5 hearts out of 5 for ‘Warm Transfer’.

4.5 Hearts

Get your copy here:

Amazon Canada: Warm Transfer

Amazon U.S.: Warm Transfer



I received a copy of this book from Smith Publicity.   This review is based on my OWN opinions only!

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