My name is Agnieszka Aneta Przerwa. Aga for short;) I know it’s a pain to say or spell my long name.  Although I do SO appreciate it when people try!

I admit, I absolutely hate being called Agnes. Okay, hate is a strong word.  But I don’t like it a bit.  Funny thing, when I came to Canada at age 13, everyone just assumed my name would be changed to Agnes.  Period.  I don’t think anyone thought of asking if I liked it or not.  And so, for many years, I was Agnes.  And then I turned 30.  It was time to purge and start over!  So I got rid of old clothes, old habits, old frenemies, and….Agnes!  Ha!  It took a bit of time, but everyone adjusted really well;) Oh, it felt SOOOOO good to hear my name!

So there you have it, story about my name and how I finally found myself;)

As I mentioned, I came to Canada from Poland at the age 13 in 1992 to join my mom, brother and extended family. Before that, for a period of about four years, I lived in Poland with my aunt waiting for the day to finally join the rest of the clan.  Hard times, but when I look back, I do have some great memories.  What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  I’m a true believer in that.  I learned how to be very independent and strong at a young age. It’s not a bad thing to know how to cook, bake, wash floors and do farm work.  Seriously, it’s not!

Hence why I try to instill this in my boys today . No, I don’t make them do farm work or scrub the floors.  But they are learning many good and useful things, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Poland is in my heart forever. I still have a lot of family back there.  I speak Polish with my kids, family and friends. I’m like the Polish police at home – ‘speak Polish please!!’.  I read Polish books and buy my favourite Polish things.  My biggest wish is to tour the whole country (slowly, a few places at a time;)) and show my boys their history.  Yup, Poland is in my heart.


Not that I don’t want to tour Canada just the same – I’m super blessed to live here. Especially being situated between Toronto and Niagara Falls.  Seriously!  How lucky am I!

I’m a mommy of two awesome human beings – Dominick, 10, and Daniel, 3. They hold my soul.  In the words of my fantastic friend, Erin, they are my ‘walking hearts’.  So well put.  Being a mom is a very special journey with some crazy times in between. Can’t say it’s not hard and tiring.  I would be lying!  But it’s the most rewarding experience ever.  EVER!


I’m a huge believer in healthy living, eating well and taking care of my body and soul. I LOVE to read, especially biographies and self-awareness books.  I like to learn from others and through their journeys.

I also love being creative. From making fruit and veggie bouquets, to making gift baskets,  t-shirts and invitations, I love it all!  And man oh man, do I ever have passion for fashion!  Yes, I love purses and shoes and everything in between.  I truly believe looking your best helps your soul.  Whatever your best means!

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