My name is Agnieszka Aneta Przerwa.  Aga for short;)  I know it’s a pain to say or spell my long name.  Although I do SO appreciate it when people try!

I admit, I absolutely hate being called Agnes. Okay, hate is a strong word.  But I don’t like it a bit.  When I came to Canada at the age of 13, everyone just assumed my name would be changed to Agnes.  Period.  I don’t think anyone thought of asking if I liked it or not. And I didn’t speak up. I wasn’t very feisty back then;) And so, for many years, I was Agnes.  And then I turned 30.  It was time to purge and start over!  I got rid of old clothes, old habits, old frenemies, and….Agnes!  Ha!  It took a bit of time, but everyone adjusted really well;)  Oh, it felt SOOOOO good to hear my name!

So there you have it, story about my name and how I finally found myself;)

As I mentioned, I came to Canada from Poland at the age 13 in 1992 to join my mom and extended family. Before that, for a period of about four years, I lived in Poland with my aunt waiting for the day to finally join the rest of the clan.  Hard times, but when I look back, I do have some great memories.  What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  I’m a true believer in that.  I learned how to be very independent at a young age.  It’s not a bad thing to know how to cook, bake, wash floors and do farm work early in life.  Seriously, it’s not!

This is why I try to instill work ethic in my boys today. No, I don’t make them do farm work or scrub the floors.  But they are learning many good and useful things, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Poland is in my heart forever.  I still have a lot of family back there.  I speak Polish with my husband, kids, family and friends.  I’m like the Polish police at home – ‘speak Polish please!!’.  I read Polish books and buy my favourite Polish things.  My biggest wish is to tour the whole country (slowly, a few places at a time;)) and show my boys their history.  Yup, Poland is in my heart.


Not that I don’t want to tour Canada just the same – I’m super blessed to live here. Especially being geographically situated between Toronto and Niagara Falls.  Seriously!  How lucky am I?!

I’m a mommy of two awesome human beings – Dominick, 10, and Daniel, 3. They hold my soul.  In the words of my fantastic friend, Erin, they are my ‘walking hearts’.  So well put.  Being a mom is a very special journey with some crazy times in between. Can’t say it’s not hard and tiring.  I would be lying!  But it’s the most rewarding experience ever.  EVER!


My husband, Karl, and I found each other when we were both 18 years old. Yup, we’ve been together for 20 years now.  We’ve had some highs and we’ve had some lows.  But we’re standing firm and that’s what counts.  Throughout the years, he’s been my rock, my supporter and my friend.  He’s a GOOD human being and I look up to him in SO many ways.  Not to say he doesn’t drive me crazy 😉  I’m sure he’ll say the same about me!

I’m a huge believer in healthy living, eating well and taking care of my body and soul. I LOVE to read, especially biographies and self-awareness books.  I like to learn from others and through their journeys.

I also love being creative. From making fruit and veggie bouquets, to making gift baskets,  t-shirts and invitations, I love it all!  And man oh man, do I ever have passion for fashion!  Yes, I love purses and shoes and everything in between.  I truly believe looking your best helps your soul.  Whatever your best means!

New Pics June 2013 017

Most of all, I really enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with the world.  This little blog is a way for me to have fun and express myself creatively!

If you have any inquiries whatsoever, please feel free to email me at: agnieszka@mishmashblog.com