‘Thin Privilege’

Cora Harrington, a Lingere Blogger, took to Twitter to explain her idea on what ‘thin privilege’ means to her.  Her tweet has gone viral and has gotten many people talking.  What exactly is this idea of thin privilege?  In Harrington’s view, thin privilege is how you are perceived by society and treated accordingly.  The very basic idea here is:  if you’re thin, you don’t get looked down upon when eating pizza or ice cream in public; you don’t get looks on the airplane, and you can easily find clothing at any store of your choice.

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When Fashion and Nature Collide – A Garden Party — LISMORE PAPER

Today I am sharing this fantastic gem of a post I found on Lismore Paper.  The art is GORGEOUS and I just had to share!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

I have been reflecting a lot about my own passions lately and how I absolutely love fashion and style, while at the same time I LOVE being creative with food, from making my Mish Mash Flowers to creating all kinds of juices and smoothies.  I have been reflecting on how I can incorporate my love for style with my love for food. Ideas are flowing!  Hope to share with you soon!  🙂

In this edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide we invite you to a garden party. Imagine strolling through a manicured garden filled with lively colored flowers, beautiful critters collecting pollen, and butterflies putting on a show of their own. Linens topped with English lace tablecloths and beautiful flower arrangements adorning the tables. Fine china […]

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The Mini Backpack is Back!

Oh, the good old 90’s are making a big comeback!  In case you haven’t checked the accessory section of your favourite shop, let me tell you right here and right now – the mini backpack is back!

Now, if you’re like me and no longer a teenager (ahem!), you can still wear a mini backpack, keeping in mind a few things.

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3 Reasons To LOVE An A-Line Skirt

You may or may not know, I absolutely LOVE A-line skirts!  I wrote about my favourite skirt here: THE skirt!  I now have a few of them, and I keep ‘collecting’ – can’t get enough, seriously!  I always feel absolutely fantastic wearing them!

Why do I love them SO much?!

Here are the top 3 Reasons To Love An A-Line Skirt:

    1. The A-Line skirt is the most flattering piece of wardrobe for pretty much any body shape and size. Ideal for the pear shape, hourglass, rectangle… whatever category you fit it – it will look great on YOU! Adds curves where you need them and hides those imperfections where they don’t need to be seen.

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Top 4 Sunglasses Trends for Summer 2018

Summer and sunglasses go hand in hand, so let’s take a peek at the Top 4 Sunglasses for Summer 2018!

I absolutely love wearing sunglasses all year – they’re so versatile!  Plus, they serve as a statement-making fashion accessory to any outfit!  From edgy to classy, a pair of sunglasses goes such a long way!

This summer, you MUST find a great pair of glasses on this list:

1.     CAT EYE – sexy, playful and simply a classic!  These beauties will take you from the day at work to an evening out and about.

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Remembering Kate Spade and Loving Her Designs

Kate Spade, the creative founder of Kate Spade New York, has suddenly passed away this week.

Her death has opened up important conversations around the globe surrounding depression, suicide and mental health.  It’s so sad that our world often doesn’t allow for us to seek help, conversation, a lending hand.

As we remember Kate Spade, I think one fact truly stands out – she brought an intense amount colour, joy and pure happiness in her designs, despite the difficulties she may have been facing.

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5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Own!

Whether you are a ‘Tomboy’, ‘Classy Diva’, ‘Bohemian Butterfly’ or any other fashion style out there, there are some items in a woman’s wardrobe we must all own.  Time to measure up your closet!

5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Own:


A tailored blazer is perfect for all body types!  But do make sure you find one that fits you well!  Pair it up with jeans and stilletos for a night out, or with a slim pant and pumps for a business meeting or job interview.

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