Shoes – A Girl’s Best Friend

Every girl knows that a great pair of shoes does wonders!  After all, they are a girl’s best friend;)  They can make you feel confident in an instant!  AND with such variety of styles and colours to choose from – you will always find that perfect match.

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Check out Harper’s BAZAAR list of spring/summer 2018 shoe trends. SO many cool styles for this season! Oh my!

Here are a few fantastic finds from Guess:

A new pair of shoes can seriously change your life!  Just think of Cinderella;)

Feel great and have fun!


Fashion Psychology

Do you know of the Hemline Index?  I recently read about this theory by Economist, George Taylor, who presented it back in 1926.  The gist of Taylor’s theory indicates that women often show preference for longer dresses during poor economic times, and for shorter hemlines during times of prosperity.

So, as an example, in the 1920’s and 1960’s, there was a general love for miniskirts in America, while during the 1929 Wall Street Crash, fashion was ruled by longer dresses.

Hemline Index

Photo source: Edge of Urge

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The History of Earrings

Oh earrings! I cannot live without you!

You may laugh, but it’s true! I love them in all colours, shapes and sizes. In my opinion, earrings are one of those accessories you simply should not live without. I have even played with the idea of making earrings myself. But since my spare time is…., well, next to none….for now I need to stick with shopping therapy to provide me with those hoops, chandaliers, dangles, drops and all.

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Spring/Summer 2018 Scarves

The 2018 Spring/Summer season promises to be scarfilicious! Yes, ladies, let’s talk about scarves! I, for one, adore them! Scarves can be as romantic, lovely and feminine or as rebellious and powerful as YOU want them to be!

A black scarf can add that sophistication you’re looking for to add to a white spring jacket OR it can serve as an edgy accessory to a leather coat!


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