Wednesday Fashion Alert: The Queen of Green

St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17 and is a religious celebration of St. Patrick –  the foremost patron saint of Ireland.  But, as many of you know, this day has become SO much more than that!  St. Patrick’s Day is a worldwide cultural celebration of Ireland and Irish pride.

So, let’s get our GREEN fashion ready and be Irish for a day!

Jump into your green ballet flats and dance to some of that fantastic traditional Irish music.  Your feet won’t stop!

20180305_174016.jpgLegend says that you are to wear the colour green to defend yourself from leprechauns, as it makes you invisible from them and their mischievous acts.  AND – if you don’t wear green, you just might get pinched!  Yup, if someone you know pinches you on St. Patrick’s Day – you’ve been served a gentle reminder that a leprechaun is near and you may get pinched by the little fella;)

Green accessories will take care of those pesky leprechauns and the risk of getting pinched!


And green is not only a fantastic choice on St. Patrick’s day!  The colour green can have an extremely positive influence on your mood and behaviour.  It provides harmony, balance, refreshment and peace.  Fun fact: green indicates the presence of water and therefore little danger of famine, so on a primitive level, green is a reassuring colour.


Get your green on today AND on St. Patrick’s Day!

Feel great and have fun!