Christmas shopping ideas!

Hi guys! It’s officially the last week of November!  You know what that means…. Yup! Christmas shopping in full swing!

I found a few awesome links shared by fellow bloggers for your shopping ideas. Take a peek:  Gift guide for her, Gift guide for him, Gift guide for kids

And here is a cute post about gifts for teachers (written by a teacher!): What teachers want for Christmas (and check out this agenda I found on the topic;))



As for me, I really enjoy simple gifts (when giving or receiving!)

A good book always tops my list. My latest obsession is  The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  I’ve listened to the audiobook a couple of times already (thanks to my friend Iza for recommending!)  If you find yourself searching for more in this life of ours, please take a look at this book. It’s a life changer!

Overwhelmed with choosing a book?  How about reading socks instead?  YEY!  I love, love, love reading socks!  They have them in kids sizes too!  I know a couple of avid young readers who might enjoy these;)

Chapters/Indigo Reading Socks



I’m an agenda girl, so really enjoy getting one every year. But I also love to give them out as gifts, along with a pretty pen!  Kate Spade New York are my favourite, but there are SO many others to choose from!

Chapters/Indigo Agendas

Anything handmade and homemade is FANTASTIC!  How about some pretty (and super beneficial!) chakra bracelets or homemade all-natural soap?  YES PLEASE!

Down to Earth Products has an amazing selection! Facebook: @downtoearthproducts

Or how about gourmet preserves made locally using local ingredients? Of course!

I don’t have the time to make my own preserves.  One day maybe, but not right now;)  But, The Wandering Locavore has an beautiful selection of lovely jars of Gourmet Gin 22 Cherries (tried and LOVED!), Cranberry Ketchup, Charcuterie Onions, Vermouth & Plum Jam, and the list goes on!

Last, but not least, I am obsessing about doTERRA products!  If you haven’t tried these, please consider.  They have a WIDE variety of NATURAL products (not just oils!!).  I recently tried the shampoo and conditioner and must admit, I was shocked at the awesome results.  You can get more info at doTERRA.  If you would like to know more, attend a free class, or just speak to someone about the benefits of these all natural products, please check out Izabella Essentials on Facebook!

Happy shopping friends!

Don’t forget to be grateful for this wonderful time of the year.  I know I am!



Mish Mash Flowers

Hi friends!

Those who know me, know my love for being creative and making pretty things;)

And I’m SUPER passionate about making my pretty veggie, fruit and cheese flowers!

In the Hamilton, ON and surrounding area?

Fancy some flowers? 

Give me a shout!

or use the contact menu to send me a message!

I’d love to create something pretty for YOU for your next special occassion, or no occassion at all;)

Pink 3 Florals




We trained.  We raised funds.  We gave it our all.  We did it!  CN Tower conquered! Woohoo!

Dominick and I stepped up to the challenge and climbed all 1,776 steps (144 flights of stairs) to the top of our tower.


It was a big day for us!  The night before, Dom couldn’t sleep (and yes, I admit, I had trouble too).  He was excited and I was nervous.  We woke up at 6:00 am, had a healthy breakfast, got into our comfy shoes and set off to Toronto.

After making our way into the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, getting all registered and signed in, wrist-bands on, we went for it!


Well, Dominick was off like a rocket!  I didn’t see him at all after the first flight of stairs.  He got to the top after 19 minutes and 18 seconds!

I made it in 27 minutes and 7 seconds.  Hey, not complaining, but will definitely try to get in more training for next time;)


Let me tell you, having Dominick climb with me this year meant SO much!  I’m super glad he was able to be part of something so big and important.   You really feel the sense of community at this event.  At the end of the day, it just feels good to do something good.


If you plan to climb the Tower for the next charitable event (they run in spring and fall), here are a few facts:

  • I suggest you train at least 3 times per week and start early!  Give yourself plenty of time to get into shape:)
  • Register for the climb online and start your fundraising efforts.  Remember, you are doing this for charity!
  • On the day of the climb, plan out your time accordingly.  Plan to stand in line-ups for registration, coat check-ins, etc.
  • Once you’re climbing, you’re in good hands – there are paramedics on stand-by every few floors;)
  • Stay to the right-hand side of the stairwell so faster climbers can pass on the left
  • Try not to stop – it’s hard to get back into it after you’ve stopped
  • There are about 10 more flights of stairs after you finish!  YUP!  You think you’re done…you scan your wristband and….you need to climb more!  I know, what a tease!
  • LONG lineups at the top to get into the elevators.  Good news is that you get plenty of water while you wait
  • Some lineups to find out your time and get your t-shirt, but not bad at all!

Dominick and I will definitely go back next year!  Join us!  Daniel is planning to climb one day too;)