Book Review: ‘Warm Transfer’ by Laura Holtz

Do you know the meaning of the term ‘warm transfer’?

A warm transfer happens when a customer service agent stays on the line with you while transferring you to another agent – just to make sure you don’t get disconnected.

Doesn’t the title ‘Warm Transfer’ sound intriguing?

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Product Review: L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion

Wedding season is upon us, ladies!  And we all know what that means – other than getting a fantastic dress (of course!), we just need to look GREAT!  I mean, who doesn’t want to get all glammed up once in a while?  Or every day!  Why not;)  Regardless of the occasion, we all want that sun-kissed summer skin, to go with that fantastic dress or any pretty outfit!  I recently purchased the L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion and it’s time to give it a review!

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Restaurant Review: Loaded Pierogi

The minute I saw the name ‘Loaded Pierogi‘, I thought: ” Yey! They spelled pierogi the right way! Gotta check this place out!”.  And so I headed over with my lovely friend for a pierogi lunch.  We both have Polish in us and we both know what good pierogi taste like.  We decided to see if this place would satisfy our taste buds!

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Book Review: ‘Fermentation Revolution’ by Sébastien Bureau and David Côté

Growing up in Poland, our pantry was always filled with jars upon jars of fermented delicacies.  From pickles, sauerkraut, red peppers, cauliflower and beets to cherries, apples, pears and peaches.  Believe me, at that time in Poland, most people preserved their food – it was a sight to see and pride of many homemakers.  Yup, long before we were all talking about the benefits of probiotics – people were using fermented foods to aid digestion and keep healthy immune systems!

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Product Review: Dalcini Stainless Steel Lunch/Snack Containers

Even though summer break has began not so long ago, I am already thinking ahead to the school semester that is to come!  I’m actually quite excited for my Daniel – he is starting Junior Kindergarten this year and he is SUPER happy!  So, to start practicing our lunch preparing and container opening/closing skills, we got some new containers for my little man;)  I do love the Mighty Hippo containers which I reviewed a few months back (See post: Product Review: Mighty Hippo Containers).  However, I saw these Dalcini Containers, which are completely stainless steel, and I thought they might be great to try!

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Product Review: Audible – An Amazon Company (Audiobooks)

If you are a book lover like me, you know there is something absolutely romantic, calming and simply special about starting a new book.  Such a fantastic feeling!

Now, while I love to read (LOVE!), I’m also a full-time employed mommy of two, with many, many priorities on my list.  Needless to say,  it becomes a bit hard to find time to sit down and read every day, or at least read as much as I would like to.  No problems at all, though, as I think I have the perfect solution!

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Restaurant Review: Nique

Another lunch with an awesome friend – this time at Nique (in my city of Hamilton, of course!). Located at the corner of James North and Vine, the location is perfect for a downtown lunch, brunch or dinner.

If it wasn’t for the darn wind, we would have gladly sat on Nique’s outdoor patio. It looks quite attractive!

Mish Mash Lifestyle Blog - Nique Outdoor

We were not at all disappointed when we walked in, though!

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Book Review: ‘E-Squared’ by Pam Grout

I admit, I’m an easy target for self-help, self-discovery, motivational books (as you may already know from reading some of my book reviews!) BUT – when I stumbled upon Pam Grout’s E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality, I wasn’t sure this book was for me. It seemed like it was almost too scientific. I mean – experiments? Hmm…

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