Friday Review: Mulberry Street Coffeehouse

There is a little coffee place on James Street North and Mulberry Street in Hamilton, Ontario…unassuming on the outside, but the minute you find yourself in, you know this isn’t just another little coffee place!

Mulberry Coffeehouse - front entrance

The Mulberry Street Coffeehouse is located in an old, historic building which once held the Armory Hotel. The well-maintained original plaster ceiling medallions can be seen in the former hotel lobby.

Mulberry Coffeehouse - hotel lobby

The place has this old, rustic feeling with a SUPER cool vibe. I mean – you just don’t want to leave!

Live music every Wednesday evening offers local artists of varying genres an opportnity to showcase their talent, and clients to enjoy their lattes (or a glass of wine or beer!) with fantastic entertainment. What can be better?!

Mulberry Coffeehouse - live music.jpg

The Mulberry Street Coffeehouse also supports local artists by exhibiting and selling their works. It adds so much character to the already fantastic decor and truly showcases the love for our local community.

Mulberry Coffeehouse - art

The coffee served is fair trade, organic, shade grown and roasted locally! All goods are made in house with organic, local ingredients used as often as possible. The menu holds a WIDE variety of drinks and beautifully prepared food. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are always available!

Pricewise – VERY reasonable for what you are getting! A latte and desert (yes, they have gluten free cupcakes!!!) will cost you less than CAD$10.

Super friendly and helpful staff, incredible vibes, great menu! Go grab a coffee! 193 James St N, Hamilton.

5 hearts out of 5 for The Mulberry Street Coffeehouse!

5 stars


Friday Review: The Diplomat Restaurant

Doesn’t the name THE DIPLOMAT speak volumes?! It’s the name of a new restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario which has been on my list of ‘TO TRY’ for weeks.  Finally, my girlfriend Leslie and I had a chance to have some good ole’ girl talk AND a fantastic lunch at this fun new place.  Woohoo!


The décor is quite modern, with a touch of that homey comfort. Very welcoming. Very cool.


Food – Good. Really GOOD.  Vegeterian, vegan and meat-lover options available.

Les picked the Burger Royale. She was craving a good burger and a G-O-O-D burger she got!


I opted for the Smashed Avocado Toast. DELICIOUS! And PRETTY!  Warning: it is on the spicy side. Talk to your server before ordering.  I happen to love spicy food, so I was quite happy with my selection.


We could have picked hearty vegetables or soup for our sides, but let’s face it – girl talk calls for fries. And these were fabulous! None of that fast food taste. Real-good-fries.

Price – extremely reasonable. CAD$20 gets you a beautiful lunch!


Overall – awesome atmosphere, fantastic food, great price.  Go visit them!  43 King William Street, Hamilton.

I’m super grateful for restaurant gems such as this one in my city!

5 hearts out of 5 for The Diplomat!

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