Book Review: ‘Fermentation Revolution’ by Sébastien Bureau and David Côté

Growing up in Poland, our pantry was always filled with jars upon jars of fermented delicacies.  From pickles, sauerkraut, red peppers, cauliflower and beets to cherries, apples, pears and peaches.  Believe me, at that time in Poland, most people preserved their food – it was a sight to see and pride of many homemakers.  Yup, long before we were all talking about the benefits of probiotics – people were using fermented foods to aid digestion and keep healthy immune systems!


Needless to say, when I saw the title ‘Fermentation Revolution’, I knew I had to have this book.  After all, these days, we all seem to be trying to be healthier than ever.  And what better way than going back to the simpler old times and methods!


Sébastien Bureau and David Côté – two food enthusiasts from Quebec, explain in simple terms the idea behind food fermentation and the amazing effects it has on our health.  And through some awesome recipes, they show that fermenting does not have to be complicated or overwhelming!  It can be quite simple, inexpensive and super cool too;)

I mean – who doesn’t want to know how to make their own kombucha at home?  I do!  I SO do!  And water kefir, and sake and miso soup!

This book will be your go-to-reference when it comes to fermenting vegetables, fruit, dairy and non-dairy milks, grains and legumes.  You will find out all about the science behind fermentation, the different fermentation processes and useful equipment.


What I LOVE about this book:  the authors thoughtfully marked each recipe with the level of difficulty – so you can start off with the ones marked as ‘easy’ and then move on from there;)

If you’re into healthy living, fantastic recipes, real food and a small revolution in your pantry – you may want to consider this read!

5 hearts out of 5 for ‘Fermentation Revolution’

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